miedzyborska 11 housing estate | warsaw 2013 | author: grupa 5, cooperating author and lead architect: kacper gronkiewicz | photography: marcin czechowicz 

‘Miedzyborska 11’ housing estate is located in Warsaw’s Praga district and comprises of 154 dwellings of medium and high standard. The main goal was to maintain a green character of the place despite the high density rate of the neighborhood. It was accomplished by splitting development into singular buildings and by raising garage slab above the street level to hide all car circulation areas. „Green podium” hid traffic under the ground and provided an additional open recreation space on top. Architecture was shaped by opening chosen views to the surrounding and maintaining all buildings sunlight access requirements, which created characteristic dynamic slant geometry. Additional advantages of the development are: centrally located green area with a playground, fully equipped fitness and spa centre for residents, pram and bicycle storage, which will help residents in storing safely sport equipment and pushchairs.

Built with Berta.me

kacper gronkiewicz ©