Sky Serpentine - Riga Expo Centre | warsaw 2017 | authors: Kacper Gronkiewicz,  Jan Gronkiewicz, co-author: Konstanty Stajniak

A new building in Riga Expo complex had to fill in among the existing buildings being at the same time a dominant and a highlight of this international exposition centre. The idea of the design was to have both: a building, which is an icon and a car park with limited impact on the biological and cultural environment. All that given that no underground construction is permitted. Our proposal is therefore a volume which not only comprises expansion of expo facilities and a carpark but is also a gift for the neighbourhood providing with open green area for recreation and cultural purposes.

An elevated urban park atop of the roof of the designed building will be covered with intensive and extensive greenery and lawns. Some of it will be left as natural meadows and some made of netlon (grass with dispersed reinforcement) allowing cars and heavy pedestrian traffic. It will serve as a terrain of recreation and external exhibitions and occasionally even a carpark. The high terrace will provide visitors with panoramic views of the city skyline and other way round, the building will be a landmark of Kip island and a clear message about sustainability and contribution to environment visible across the river from the city centre.

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